Georg Worecki (born July 28, 1961 in Düsseldorf) is a German director & photographer of Polish-Italian descent.


After graduating from high school, Georg Worecki met actors Eddi Arent, Klaus Havenstein, Willy Millowitsch and Alexander Golling as a theatre technician at the Rheinisches Landestheater Neuss in 1981. According to studying German, art and building history at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen and the RWTH Aachen University, he completed an apprenticeship as a theatre director & was engaged inter alia together with Hermann Florin, Etty Resnik & Klaus Hoser. In 1994 he finished his play „Seventh Solitude“.


Since 1999 he has also been working as a freelance photographer. In 2004 Georg Worecki took over the co-directing of the experimental short film „Future Light Lounge Proposal“ about visual and sound artist Brian Eno. Between 2004 and 2008 he staged black and white pictures with various theatre professionals in the Rhineland. He had his first US solo exhibition in 2010 in Richmond, VA. From 2012 to 2017 he lived and worked in Luxembourg. The main focus of his photographic activity is neorealism street photography. He is involved in Book Publications with GMB Akash, Francesco Cito, Susan Meiselas & Nino Migliori.


"To trace the immediacy of strangeness, the spell of otherness, to visualize the unexpected, is an act of deliverance from the noise of the daily grind. Essentially I make the attempt to project the secret of life onto a screen." 


Selected Exhibitions:




2022 Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow/Scotland


         "U. Veruda" Hall, Trieste/Italy


         Grand Arsenal, Chania/Greece 


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary


         Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis/USA


         Blank Wall Gallery, Athens/Greece


2021 Museo del Territorio, San Daniele del Friuli/Italy


         Indian Photo Festival, Hyderabad/India


         Airport, Trieste/Italy


         Grand Arsenal, Chania/Greece


         Foley Gallery, New York City/USA


         Radisson Collection, Belgrade/Serbia


         Laurent Gallery, Melbourne/Australia


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary


         Blank Wall Gallery, Athens/Greece


         Matca Space for Photography, Hanoi/Vietnam


2020 Norman Swabian Castle, Mesagne/Italy


         "U. Veruda" Hall, Trieste/Italy


         Valid World Hall, Barcelona/Spain


         Grand Arsenal, Chania/Greece 


         Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow/Scotland


         Kathmandu Photo Gallery, Bangkok/Thailand


         Blank Wall Gallery, Athens/Greece


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary


2019 History Miami Museum, Miami/USA


         Council Chamber, Aquileia/Italy


         Centre Tour à Plomb, Brussels/Belgium


         Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow/Scotland


         A Smith Gallery, Johnson City/USA


         Santu Vitu Mia Reloaded, San Vito dei Normanni/Italy


         "U. Veruda" Hall, Trieste/Italy


         Grand Arsenal, Chania/Greece


         Harvey Milk Photo Center, San Francisco/USA


         Ex Dominican Convent, San Vito dei Normanni/Italy


         Officine Fotografiche, Rome/Italy


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary


         Malta Postal Museum, Valletta/Malta


         Blank Wall Gallery, Athens/Greece


2018 Airport, Trieste/Italy


         1650 Gallery, Los Angeles/USA


         Harvey Milk Photo Center, San Francisco/USA


         Kunsthalle, Lingen/Germany


         Grand Arsenal, Chania/Greece


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary


         Blank Wall Gallery, Athens/Greece


2017 UNESCO Headquarters, Paris/France


         Austrian Culture Forum, Rome/Italy


         Palais des Nations, Geneva/Switzerland


         Airport, Trieste/Italy


         Blank Wall Gallery, Athens/Greece


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary


         A Smith Gallery, Johnson City/USA


         Spazio Tetenal, Rome/Italy


         Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction/USA


         Dom Literatury, Lodz/Poland


         Szomszéd, Budapest/Hungary


2016 Galerie d' Art du Château, Wiltz/Luxembourg


         Black Box Gallery, Portland/USA


         Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction/USA


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary


         Pierwszy Lokal, Krakow/Poland


         Spazio Tetenal, Rome/Italy


2015 Airport, Trieste/Italy 


         Capital One Corporate Gallery, Plano/USA 


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary 


         Capital One Corporate Gallery, Richmond/USA


         Castro Bisztrò, Budapest/Hungary


         Galerie A Spiren, Strassen/Luxembourg


         Szomszéd, Budapest/Hungary


2014 Organisation of American States, Washington DC/USA 


         PH21 Gallery, Budapest/Hungary


         Galerie A Spiren, Strassen/Luxembourg


         Pepco Edison Place Gallery, Washington DC/USA


2013 Alchemia, Krakow/Poland 


         The Loft at Liz's Gallery, Los Angeles/USA 


         Capital One Corporate Gallery, Richmond/USA


2012 June Fitzpatrick Gallery, Portland/USA 


         NorthPark Mall, Dallas/USA


         Texas State Capitol, Austin/USA


         Colorado State Capitol, Denver/USA 


         The National Press Club, Washington DC/USA


         The World Bank, Washington DC/USA


2011 Capital One Corporate Gallery, Richmond/USA


         Jane Sandelin Gallery, Richmond/USA


         Black Box Gallery, Portland/USA


         House of Sweden, Washington DC/USA


         Edison Place Gallery, Washington DC/USA


2010 Bürgerhaus Pullach, Munich/Germany


         Universitätsbibliothek, Magdeburg/Germany 


         Kröpeliner Tor, Rostock/Germany 


         Colors of Life, Richmond/USA


         Embassy of Guatemala, Washington DC/USA


2009 Zentralbibliothek, Bremen/Germany


         Rathaus Nippes, Cologne/Germany 


         World Trade Center, Dresden/Germany 


         Artspace Gallery, Richmond/USA 


         West Creek Town Center, Richmond/USA 


         Atelier Kkien, Milano/Italy


2008 Embassy of Italy, Washington DC/USA


         The Gallery Art & Design, Richmond/USA


         Capital One Corporate Gallery, Glen Allen/USA 


         Goethe-Institut, Dresden/Germany 


         Wahlkreis, Berlin/Germany


2007 Gallery UU Congregation, Atlanta/USA 


         Volksbank Baden-Baden, Rastatt/Germany 


         Ver.di Rhein-Neckar, Heidelberg/Germany


         Kunstraum D21, Leipzig/Germany


         Unitarian Church, Atlanta/USA


2006 Centre de Culture, La Madelaine/France 


         Hangar 27 Warren G. Magnuson Park, Seattle/USA 


         Audubon Society, Atlanta/USA 


         Landesmuseum für Technik & Arbeit, Mannheim/Germany 


         Stairwell Gallery, Fort Smith/USA


2005 Kolbhalle, Cologne/Germany


         Teloy-Mühle, Meerbusch/Germany


         Haus der Lebenshilfe, Grevenbroich/Germany


2004 Schauspielhaus, Neuss/Germany


         Espace Malraux, La Madelaine/France


         World Trade Center, Dresden/Germany


2003 Schloss Neersen, Willich/Germany


         Schauspielhaus, Neuss/Germany


2002 Städtische Galerie, Kaarst/Germany


2001 Galerie Küppers, Neuss/Germany


2000 Galerie Küppers, Neuss/Germany



Selected Awards & Publications:




2022 "Neuss", Koppen/Netherlands


         "Mythography - Vol. 02", Trieste/Italy


         "Inventions au Grand-Duché", Koppen/Netherlands


         "Siena Awards", Shortlisted, Siena/Italy


         "Le pluriel est mensonge", Koppen/Netherlands


         "Worlds of Women", Trieste/Italy


         "Eternal Innocence", Koppen/Netherlands


         "Blickpunkt Düsseldorf", Eindhoven/Netherlands


2021 "Siena Awards", Shortlisted, Siena/Italy


         "Urban unveils the City and its Secrets - Vol. 07", Trieste/Italy


         "Urban Photo Awards", Finalist, Trieste/Italy


         "Dante 2021", Trieste/Italy


         "Mythography - Vol. 01", Trieste/Italy


2020 "Generazioni/Generations", Trieste/Italy


         "Chromantic", Trieste/Italy


         "Bangkok Street Photography Festival", Finalist, Bangkok/Thailand


2019 "Paris Street Photo Awards", Finalist & 1st Place Black & White, Paris/France


         "Miami Street Photography Festival", Finalist, Miami/USA


         "An der Stad - Vol. 03", Eindhoven/Netherlands


         "Brussels Street Photography Festival", Finalist, Brussels/Belgium


         "An der Stad - Vol. 02", Eindhoven/Netherlands


         "Short Street Stories", Trieste/Italy


         "Küstenfragmente", Eindhoven/Netherlands


         "Il Bollettino", Trieste/Italy


         "International Street Photography Awards", Finalist Analog, San Francisco/USA


         "Nachthafen", Eindhoven/Netherlands


         "Italian Street Photo Festival", Finalist, Rome/Italy


         "Fun Street Photographer", Finalist, London/UK


         "Endspiel", Eindhoven/Netherlands


         "PhotoChronicles Street Photography Award", Winner, Paris/France


         "Feminine / Masculine", Honorable Mention, Budapest/Hungary


2018 "Malta International Photo Awards", Shortlisted, St. Julian's/Malta


         "International Street Photography Awards", 1st Place Analog, San Francisco/USA


         "Double Shot", Cologne/Germany


         "Streetview", Honorable Mention, Helsinki/Finland


         "Flowing City", Trieste/Italy


         "An der Stad", Eindhoven/Netherlands


2017 "Urban unveils the City and its Secrets - Vol. 02", Trieste/Italy


         "MonoVisions Photography Awards", Honorable Mention, London/UK


         "Urban & Human Empathy - Vol. 01", Trieste/Italy


         "Anderswo", Eindhoven/Netherlands


         "Chromatic Awards", Honorable Mentions, London/UK


2016 "Alfred Fried Photography Award", Shortlisted, Vienna/Austria


         "IPOTY Photography Awards", Honorable Mention, London/UK


         "Moscow International Foto Awards", Honorable Mentions, Moscow/Russia


         "Prix de la Photographie Paris", Honorable Mention, Paris/France


         "International Photography Awards", Honorable Mentions, L.A./USA


         "Black & White International Award", Honorable Mention, Rome/Italy


         "ND Awards", Honorable Mention, London/UK


         "Tokyo International Foto Awards", Honorable Mention, Tokyo/Japan


2015 "Unexpected", Honorable Mention, Budapest/Hungary 


         "Fine Art Photography Awards", Honorable Mentions, London/UK


         "ND Awards", Honorable Mentions, London/UK


2014 "Young Men, Big Dreams", Washington DC/USA


         "International Photography Awards", Honorable Mentions, L.A./USA 


         "ND Awards", Honorable Mentions, London/UK 


2013 "International Photography Awards", Honorable Mentions, L.A./USA 


         "International Fine Art Photography Award of Merit", Paris/France


2012 "Investing in Women & Girls", Washington DC/USA


         "Colors of Life" Honorable Mention Award, Washington DC/USA


2011 "Every Child Matters", Washington DC/USA


2010 "Visual Culture Award of Excellence", Charleston/USA 


         "Night Harbor", Richmond/USA 


         "A Dream in Color", Richmond/USA


2009 "100 Bilder des Jahres 2008", Berlin/Germany


         "Emotions, Dreams & Thoughts of Humanity", Richmond/USA


2008 "Colors of Life" Philanthropy, Richmond/USA 


         "Visual Culture Award of Excellence", Charleston/USA


2007 "Schnittmenge M" Award, Karlsruhe/Germany


2006 "Bike Expo" Award, 1st Place Black & White, Seattle/USA


         "Audubon Society" Photo Contest, Honorable Mention, Atlanta/USA


2005 "Versa 5" Transformation, Cologne/Germany 


2004 "DIN A 0 am Niederrhein" Korschenbroich/Germany