it's not a hole

it's a connection.

it's not a sausage

it's a connection.

It is a source of becoming & growing.

It is a pivot of creation.




Belonging to a religion weakens the belief in God. One may try to flatter God by doing this, but it is improper to disregard one's nearest and dearest. Every religion is hatred, contempt & usurpation of power! Only belief counts!! God is love; in peace.


Hilarity = Disdain


I love the helplessness of God.

I despise intention.

I love humor.

I despise hilarity.

I love tears.

I despise pity.




The Supreme is Undivided Consciousness.

I have experienced it.

I can't grasp it,

but it's the only thing I understood.




Even God has stepped down

 long live love


Hitler & Co.


These are cowards who cannot bear their own truth;

these are cowards who would prefer not to live.


Little Gifts


God is relentless with us.

Trust is a matter of honor.

We could always recognize

that our past leads into the future.


I & i


god is normal

All or nothing!

Something had to be!!

Selflessness also came out of it!!!

What past do you want?




Out of hatred came joy.

I don't know her to this day.




The Cosmos was invented to do some experiments and we are the result of that.




The Intelligence sleeps

Creation takes place




God is the truth:

"The universe is a lie":

"I grow and grow

and slam back."


theoretical truth


The Lie claims to have no effect


The Lie as an apparent opposition to effect


Step backwards into the future


Now they can too

but only limited.




nobody is nobody

 the one that really doesn't exist.

love is everything

the one who cares all the time.


Three times abstract


Numbers applied are guilt interpreters.

Annotated letters are interpreters of meaning.

Painted drawings are beauty donors.

Applied dyes are life givers.




The winner takes it all.




The difficult cases are not found in psychiatry,

one finds them in politics.




Whoever experience the guilt gets caught in love.




When your mind is begging for chocolate

you know your ego's hour has come

& the ego's days are numbered. 




Lying & denying for fear's sake!




I am less than nothing, more than everything

& appear variously conscious in the something.


Mission Consciousness


Reason; the denouncer of love...

The Third World War always happens.

Even the uniqueness is often compared.

Lack of self-awareness is common in human presence.




I forgive my love for Everything

out of love & gratitude

for my life 


Little Angels


Love your thoughts; set them free; they belong to themselves

Love your feelings; invite them; they will pass




We come from the source, are the source & go back to the source




Sentimental logic goes in circles

logical too

Judge the chaos theory

and watch out for the consequences

Because there is silence

creation is not the cause




Make yourself comfortable

You have time

because that doesn't exist 

Serve the Most High


Small Truths


Thoughts are found objects of man

Climate change always stays the same

The Big Bang is now

Every thought is recorded

Even a mass murderer is not disabled



The avatars are coming


We dedicate ourselves to wisdom

Did you already know?

Love; Pleasure; Peace

We didn't avoid it